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    • Alex

      *READ THIS BEFORE POSTING*   10/25/2016

      How to write a review: 1. Find the category dedicated to your landlord/realtor. 2. Look to see if there is a topic thread for your specific building or property. 3. If a topic thread DOES exist for your property, write your review by posting a reply to that thread. 4. If a topic thread for your building/property DOES NOT exist, create a new thread by clicking "Start new topic" and use the following title format: [Property/Building Name]-[Address]
      Example: Garden House-472 East College Ave
      (If your building doesn't have an official name, just use the address) What to include in your review:
      Bedrooms and bathrooms
      Number of roommates
      Cleanliness on move-in
      Staff friendliness
      Responsiveness of staff/maintenance

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